Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i'm bad at this blogging thing. i never look on here. actually, i'm in the slow process of dropping off the face of the internet world.

too much is new and i don't care to update it all on here (only out of laziness). life is great. no complaints. janelle got married this past weekend and her wedding was....was...there are no words. seriously. that beautiful. and what was the first thing her brother told us when we showed up, but - "hey! did you know jessica simpson got married here??!" hahahaha. austin is a magical place and i want to live there someday soon.

since i'm so bad at updating this i decided i would post pictures and links of finds that i particularly fancy. here i go:

(zebra print)
this must be my summer of dresses.

severe cold. no fun. woke up to thunder and hail this morning - that was neat.

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  1. Whereeeeee is that first dress from? SO freaking cute!