Friday, January 22, 2010


after feeling completely uninspired the past four months, i have learned that it is impossible to truly be uninspired...just lazy. now it is time, again, for the creation to create. i like working with my hands. sitting in a classroom all day pushes me to insanity - i need to be writing, photographing, sewing, creating. i may not live up to other people's standards of an artist, but that is fine because i shouldn't be doing anything for my own glory. these lives are not ours to live - they are the Lord's. i am a steward of the time and talents He has given me. i don't want anything other than my relationships with Christ and with people to define me. anything else would be like chasing after the wind - and i would never be satisfied.

"am i now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? or am i trying to please men? if i were still trying to please men, i would not be a servant of Christ." - galatians 1:10

can i be so vulnerable as to say that i sometimes i have to pray to WANT to seek God's heart? i am no one by my own accord, and it has taken a swift kick in the rear to make me truly understand that i can be someone by God's grace and i NEED to be constantly relying on Him and pursuing Him to grow into that woman. i think the simplest advice i have ever been given was to "seek God. in everything, seek God." this is profound, to me, because i can count on one hand how many times this past month i have actually done so. and i am shamefaced. instead of running faster when i have lost my way, like most of us have a tendency to do, i want to take the focus off of myself (where it never should have been) and find ways to bless God, instead of looking for Him to bless me.

things of late that have inspired me:

blonde birdie

blonde birdie

did you know that owl's feathers are designed to be noiseless when they fly? that way their prey (who are nocturnal and rely mostly on sound) cannot hear them coming.

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