Tuesday, May 5, 2009


my must have fashion list for the spring/summer (on a budget):

1. football pants! so versatile. really. they can be cute. promise.
2. american apparel strapless body suits. last year i got about 987523 of them (mayyybe an exaggeration) and they are magical. wear them with anything. and don't judge the bodysuit until you wear one. no tucking required.
3. american apparel black (and only black) mesh bodysuit. can be difficult to wear, but meagan proctor and i discovered some cute styles last summer with them.
4. biker shorts. er...i guess that's what they are called (i have no athletic cred. trent would be embarrassed. ha.) - those short leggings. in black. they have to be the short ones. too hot otherwise.
5. long tank tops.
6. vests. structured (still looking for one) and long, cotton ones.
7. white linen shorts.
8. button-up, collared shirts. roll up dem sleeves!
9. the v-neck.
10. tiered skirts. and always the classic black skirt.
11. gladiator sandals.
12. baseball shirts.
13. ruffled tank tops (check target).
14. wide leg jeans.
15. big belts.

even though i do think it's stylish and cute - i'm trying very hard to not look like i covered myself in glue and rolled around in urban outfitters or american apparel.

there's what's in my closet this season (minus the football pants and structured vest...i can't find the ones i'm after). all affordable. not much. mix and match-able.

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  1. In California the baseball shirts at Sports Authority or whatever are only $8 a piece and the small fits wonderfully! I love them.